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Frequently Asked Questions about hiring a Sunbed at home Now there really is no need to go to the salon!

I'd like to hire a Sunbed at home but I'm not sure which would be best for me? Ace Tan Sunbeds have all types of Sunbeds for Home Hire, including Single Canopy Sunbeds, Double Sunbeds, 160watt Vertical Sunbeds, 180watt Vertical Sunbeds or the very latest 200watt Vertical Sunbeds.

What's the difference between a Single Canopy Sunbed and a Double Sunbed? A Single Canopy Sunbed fits over your own bed and tilts up vertically when not in use. These are great Sunbeds if space is limited. The disadvantage of a single canopy is that you will have to turn over to tan both sides. A Double Sunbed is a top and bottom that will tan both sides together without having to turn over. The Double Sunbed needs to stay set up and takes up slightly less space than a single bed.

What about the Vertical Sunbeds? The Vertical Sunbeds are currently the most popular and only take up a floor space of 1metre x 1 metre (3ft x 3ft) so will fit comfortably in the corner of a room. The Vertical Sunbeds have salon strength tubes fitted ranging from 160watt - 180watt or the highest strength 200watts.

Do I need any special electrical supply for a Vertical Sunbed? You only need 2 normal 13 amp sockets. These do need to be separate sockets as the walk in Sunbeds will not run off an extension lead. All of our beds are fitted with long length cables which can help if your sockets are on different walls.

Are the Vertical Sunbeds the same as in Tanning Salons? They are best described as a scaled down version of a Sunbed Salon Vertical Sunbed. It would not be possible to run a Salon bed on a normal home electrical supply. Obviously you don't need a door on a Home Hire Sunbed in the privacy of your bedroom and adequate cooling and ventilation is very important. All of our beds have a high powered overhead fan to help keep you comfortable whilst tanning.

I live in a smallish house, will the Sunbed fit up my stairs? All of our Sunbeds are designed for Home Hire and are built up by our delivery driver in the room of your choice. Once installed, our driver will run through the safe use of the Sunbed with you and will provide you with a set of instructions for use and goggles.

What about your prices? We always display our prices so that you know exactly how much the Sunbed is going to cost you. Our prices are very competitive so we have nothing to hide by not showing our prices. We even offer the facility to book on line 24hours a day, seven days a week! You can view are current prices here now.

How quickly can you deliver my Sunbed? We have probably the largest fleet of Home Hire Vertical Sunbeds in the Midlands so can usually deliver within 1-2 working days depending on where you live. We NEVER normally have a waiting list so there's no need to wait weeks for your Sunbed during high season.

That all sounds good, how do I book? You can call us direct on (024) 76 315310 or you can click here to book on line now using your credit or debit card.

Do you ever have ex-hire Sunbeds for sale? Yes, we regularly have top quality ex-hire Sunbeds for sale. You can click here to see our current offers on Sunbeds for Sale.



Remember !! Delivery usually within 1-2 working days, WHY WAIT LONGER???


We have Vertical Sunbeds (stand up tanning units) available for hire for an unbeatable internet prices of :-
4 weeks hire from only £85
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